why /why not southern

C.J Williams
ENGL XY 1102
Professor Blackwell Starnes
Why / why not southern?
I researched Savannah State university’s college of business administration (COBA) compared to Georgia Sothern’s (COBA). The differences between the two schools programs were that Georgia Southern offered six majors while Savannah State offered four. In their mission statements Savannah States COBA tells that their mission is to give students a quality education “Through innovative instruction, mentoring, applied research, and community involvement”. While Georgia Sothern’s mission statement tells how they are a growing school that “sees the importance of close interactions between students and faculty”. The importance of the mission statements are that they show the goals for the school. While Georgia southern focus is on the contact and communication between staff and students, Savannah State focus is on the mentoring and involvement of students in their personal and educational development. My major is marketing so I looked up both schools mission statements and study plans for that major. Georgia Sothern’s mission statement for marketing was that they prepared you for the real world a cared about your success and that they would work with you. Savannah States mission statements for marketing was that they “prepare students with the tools necessary to be successful in their careers”. Both school had the similar goal when it came to students but they had some differences in the class plan you had to take. At Georgia Southern there were a few more prerequisites than at Savannah State. I feel that both business schools are good but a degree from Georgia southern would be better because it is more widely known. That’s why I choose to come to Georgia southern instead of Savannah. I think that if you need a smaller college to be successful you should go to Savannah instead. Even though Georgia Southern says it in their mission statements that they have a small college feel it’s hard to do that when you have over 20,000 students. I think if you’re trying to be more competitive in the job market you should choose Georgia Southern University.
cj williams

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