Taylor R

When thinking about my major and where I wanted to attend college to pursue my major I did a lot of researching. I chose nursing as my major because ever since I was a child, nursing has always fascinated me. When trying to decide which school to go to it was not hard to make the decision once I did my research on Georgia Southern University. I found that GSU had one of the top nursing programs in the country. Now, I also found out that it was a lot of work to not only get into the program but to stay in it and do good as well. I am willing to accept the challenge because I know that in the end it will be worth it to have on my resume that I graduated from the Georgia Southern Nursing program. Also, my research shows that Georgia Southern’s nursing program uses very hands on learning styles. I have always preferred to learn by doing so that definitely influenced my decision to choose Georgia Southern as my school.

Taylor Rabun

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