Stefan Jatindranath

Earlier today I submitted a transfer application from Georgia Southern University to Georgia State University, and my experience in transferring has been an interesting one. Whenever I tell a friend or fellow classmate that I am transferring they always act extremely surprised, shocked, and ask why I would do such a thing. Georgia Southern is an incredible school. I would argue that it boasts the most beautiful campus in Georgia, it has incredible Nursing, Engineering and Business programs, and I can only see it moving upward in reputation. This being said, why did am I still transferring? It’s simple really, law school admission. Georgia Southern, like all universities, has its high points and its low points. I am a pre-law political science major, and have discovered that here at Georgia Southern , political science is not a central focus. Just as M.I.T. is more of an “engineering school” than Harvard, I realize that Georgia State is a much more political science focused school than Georgia Southern. What makes me say this? Simply, Georgia State has a law school, something Georgia Southern currently can’t boast. When Law school admissions are considered I do not want to be measure against without having been educated in a school that actually has a law school. Georgia Southern’s political science program, I feel is not taken very seriously, and this can be seen even on the school web page. I rarely hear of Georgia Southern student going forward to law school, and our alumni base in the area of political science is narrow to say the least. This being said, although my heart will forever remain in Statesboro, and I have a unparalleled hatred for the city of Atlanta, I will be taking my talents to Georgia State.

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