Sport Management


The idea of sport management has been around since the early Olympic Games in Greece. Even though the idea originated in early Greece, sport management officially began in England. It is known as the birthplace of modern sport and sport management (pg. 4). The first type of official sports management was the thoroughbred racing system in England. The clubs that managed the racing started to want more. They decided to hold races to see who had the fastest horses and started to breed and train the horses to become as fast as possible. The clubs also created handicapping to level the playing field because some spectators were starting to worry that the races were fixed (pg. 6).
Sports Management then came to America. Although some of the same techniques and values were implemented, there were also some changes that were made to adapt to a different culture. The first type of sport management that was held in the United States was club events that hosted harness racing. The harness racing started around 1820.
“The concept of a sport management curriculum is generally credited to two people: James G. Mason, a physical educator are the University of Miami-Florida, and Walter O’Malley of the Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers, who discussed the idea in 1957” (pg. 20). Today there are many colleges and universities who offer the sport management curriculum. The first University that established a master’s program in sports management was Ohio University in 1966 (pg. 20). Sport management is also becoming broader of a topic, having many different departments. The business part of sport management is involved in pretty much every sport-related event. Women’s involved with sport management is one of the most recent advances within the industry.
Sport management is ever-changing and becoming more and more structured. Everything from early harness racing to modern day football is involved in sport management. With all the clubs, leagues, and organizations forming around the world, the sport management industry is constantly growing and changing.

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Major Page at Georgia Southern University

Main page for Sports Management for college of Health and Human Sciences - This is the link to the Main Page for Sport Management for the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Degree Plan

Degree Plan for Sport Management - After you click the link, look at the Table of Contents on the left hand side and select College of Health and Human Science Programs. This will take you to a new page where you will select SPORT MANAGEMENT, B.S., 126 HOURS. This is the link for the degree plan as listed below:

See for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.
Area A1 - Communication Skills
6 Hours
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
3 Hours
Area B - Global Engagement
4 Hours
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
6 Hours
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
11 Hours
Area E - Social Sciences
12 Hours
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
18 Hours
ACCT 2030 - Survey of Accounting (3)
SMGT 2130 - Introduction to Sport Management (3)
SMGT 2230 - Social Issues in Sport (3)
STAT 2231 - Introduction to Statistics I (3)
Select 3 hours from the following:
CISM 1120 - Computer Concepts (2) and CISM 1110 - Computer Applications (1)
CISM 2530 - Advanced Business Applications (3)
Select 3 hours from the following Guided Electives:
ANTH 1102 - Introduction to Anthropology (3)
ART 1000 - Art in Life (3)
ASTR 1000 - Introduction to the Universe (3)
BIOL 1331 - Insects and People (3)
BIOL 1335 - Plants and Civilization (3)
BUSA 1105 - Introduction to Business (3)
BUSA 1131 - Financial Survival Skills (3)
COMM 1110 - Principles of Public Speaking (3) (Prerequisite ENGL 1101)
ECON 2106 - Business Economics (3)
Foreign Language 1001 - Elementary I (3)
Foreign Language 1002 - Elementary II (3)
Foreign Language 2001 - Intermediate I (3)
Foreign Language 2002 - Intermediate II (3)
Foreign Language 1060 - Accelerated Elementary (3 of 6) (3 Hours to Area C)
Foreign Language 2060 - Accelerated Intermediate (3 of 6) (3 Hours to Area C)
GEOG 1130 - World Regional Geography (3)
GEOL 1430 - Dinosaurs, Extinctions and Disasters (3)
MATH 1112 - Trigonometry (3) (Prerequisite MATH 1111 or equivalent academic background)
MATH 1232 - Survey of Calculus (3) (Prerequisite MATH 1101 or MATH 1111)
MUSC 1100 - Music Appreciation (3)
PHIL 1030 - Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHYS 1135 - How Things Work (3)
PSYC 1101 - Introduction to Psychology (3)
RELS 2130 - Introduction to Religion (3)
SOCI 1101 - Introduction to Sociology (3)
TCGT 1530 - Global Sustainability and Innovation (3)
THEA 1100 - Theatre Appreciation (3)
Health and Physical Education Activities
4 Hours
HLTH 1520 - Healthful Living (2)
Physical Education Activities (2)
2 Hours
FYE 1220 - First Year Seminar (2)
Major Requirements
36 Hours
SMGT 3230 - Economics of Sport (3)
SMGT 3236 - Financial Management of Sport (3)
SMGT 3238 - Management of Sport Organizations (3)
SMGT 3330 - Sport Promotion and Marketing (3)
SMGT 4330 - Facility and Event Management (3)
SMGT 4336 - Sport Business Operations (3)
SMGT 4337 - Legal Aspects of Sport (3)
SMGT 4338 - Sport Policy Development (3)
SMGT 4735 - Internship (12)
Non-Sport Management Courses
18 Hours
Business Minor (12)
BUSA 3134 - Accounting for Management (3) OR FINC 3131 - Principles of Corporate Finance (3)
MGNT 3130 - Management and Organizational Behavior (3)
MGNT 3134 - Behavior in Organizations (3)
MKTG 3131 - Principles of Marketing (3)
Select 6 hours from the following Guided Electives:
Note: Only one SMGT course may be used as a Guided Elective.
GCM 1321 - Desktop Publishing (2) and GCM 1411 - Desktop Publishing Laboratory (1)
JOUR 2331 - Introduction to Journalism (3)
JOUR 3331 - News Reporting and Writing (3)
JOUR 3332 - Feature Writing (3)
JOUR 4333 - Opinion Journalism (3)
JOUR 4336 - Online Journalism (3)
JOUR/MMC 3334 - Broadcast News (3)
KINS 3426 - Coaching Baseball and Softball (2)
KINS 3427 - Coaching Basketball (2)
KINS 3428 - Coaching Football (2)
KINS 3429 - Coaching Olympic Sports (2)
KINS 3430 - Principles of Coaching (3)
KINS 3431 - Psychology of Coaching (3)
KINS 4420 - Sport Conditioning Laboratory (2)
KINS 4421 - Principles of Officiating (2)
KINS 4730 - Coaching Practicum (3)
MGNT 3234 - Entrepreneurship (3)
MGNT 4234 - Small Business Management (3)
MKTG 3132 - Principles of Advertising (3)
MKTG 3133 - Professional Selling (3)
MKTG 3134 - Business Marketing (3)
MKTG 4135 - Buyer Behavior (3)
MKTG 4137 - Marketing Management (3)
MMC 2335 - Introduction to Media Writing (3)
MMC 3331 - Audio Production & Announcing (3)
MMC 3332 - Studio Video Production (3)
RECR 4435 - Managing Recreation Organizations (3)
SMGT 4090 - Selected Topics in Sport Management (1-3)
SMGT 4630 - Baseball and American Culture (3)
Foreign Language or International Studies Elective
3 Hours
3 Hours
ADVISEMENT: Contact the College of Health and Human Sciences Student Services Center, Hollis Building, Room 0107, (912) 478-1931 for more information regarding admission and advising requirements.
Students must have a 2.25 GPA for admission to the degree program.
Students must have completed all Area F requirements with a minimum grade of “C” before admission to the program.
Students must have a 2.25 GPA to enroll in the internship.
Students must earn minimum grade of “C” in all Area F courses and within the major requirements, including guided electives.

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Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is listed on your WINGS account. To view your academic advisor through your WINGS account do the following:
1. Log into , then click the “WINGS” in the My Services box.
2. Click “Student Records”
3. Click “Registration”
4. Click “View Student Information and Assigned Advisor”
5. Choose term and click “Submit”
6. You should then see the name of your assigned advisor (also listed as your primary advisor)

Or you can visit the school web site for your department as listed below:

Sport Management Advisors - This is a link to the different Academic Advisors for Sport Management majors.

Renae M. Baker
Academic Advisor
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931
Advises students last name beginning with Me-Sa.

Pam D. Smith
Academic Advisor
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931
Advises students last name beginning with Sb-Z.

Veronica M. Jones
Academic Advisor
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931
Advises students last name beginning with Hj-Md.

Bryan Bulmer
Academic Advisor
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931
Advises students last name beginning with A-Co.

Brenda Richardson
Academic Advisor
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931
Advises students last name beginning with Cp-Hi.

Donna Sasser
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931

Jennifer Syno
Hollis 0100
Phone: (912) 478-1931

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Research and Writing in the Discipline

During our research for upper divisions writing assignments in Sport Management, we only came across one place with specific writing assignments and details. The information came from Bowling Green State University. The website set out a plan of what assignments you would write and complete and then it gave a description of the assignments which was very helpful.
While looking over the information submitted by Professor Jacquelyn Cuneen, Ed. D., we were able to see that there were multiple writing assignments. The various writing assignments were response papers, case studies, creating a detailed marketing profile and explain how you came up with the strategy, memos to explain crisis and recovery plans to the campus community, create Marketing Information Systems (MIS) to use in forming marketing strategies toward increasing revenue and profits.
We found it very interesting that we could not find anything on the writing assignments at Georgia Southern University. One would think that they would have the information on these topics with all of the business, marketing and management style courses that are required for anyone pursuing a career in sport management. We have had to complete response papers, create market profiles, and complete case studies here at Georgia Southern University. Overall, everything that we will have to write in our sport management related courses and in our future careers will have to be professional and written to the best of our abilities.

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Non-traditional Research and Writing


Sports Management Blog - Sports Management Blog is one of the top 50 sport management blogs on the web. The main focus on their blogs are sports agents, scouts and sponsorships, sports law, and sports science.
Jump in Sport - The Jump in Sport blog is based out of Lausanne, Switzerland. It would be very beneficial to sport management majors who are emphasizing in international and overseas sports. They focus on the International Olympic Committe (IOC), international sporting federations, recruiters, and new sports.
Yardbarker - Yardbarker is a blog that is associated with Fox Sports and on MSN. Yardbarker is the top sports blog and focuses on all of the major team sports as well as others. They blog about the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, Lacrosse, FIFA, NCAA sports, MMA, Fantasy sports, and many others.

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North American Society for Sport Management - The North American Society for Sport Management Listserv is very beneficial because it has over 700 members from more than 25 countries.

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Publication Manual(s) and Style Guide(s)

After extensive research, we have found that the Sport Management major throughout the country requires multiple style guides. The guides that we came across were as follows: APA, MLA, ASA, CSE, and Chigaco Manual of Style. While we have discovered that there are many different formats that are used in the Sport Management major, the most common format used at Georgia Southern University is the APA format.

Jobs and Careers

Jobs and Careers at GSU - This is the link to the career page as follows below:

The Sport Management Major at Georgia Southern provides academic preparation and practical experience in the skills and techniques required to be successful in the Sport Business and Leisure fields. Sport Management is one of the fastest growing fields of study in the country and is well established at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Georgia Southern. Future sport managers who graduate from the program will be prepared for success in various sectors of the sport industry such as: (1) professional teams or collegiate athletic departments; (2) sport facilities and event management; (3) sport marketing, promotion, or advertising; (4) sports information, media, or communications; (5) The Olympic Movement; (6) State and county sports commissions; (7) athletic leagues and associations.

Typical Work Activities:
Plan and direct athletic events & activities
Organize various components of event management
Managing ticket sales and box office operations
Performing game-day actions including set-up and break-down of seating, parking
Selling sponsorships, advertisements, corporate hospitality venues
Overseeing/directing volunteers for sporting events
Directing media relations & communications/ press releases/ scheduling player interviews/ game programs
Directing concessions sales/merchandising/parking/other ancillary services
Creating/implementing game-day marketing and promotional activities
Coordinating player/guest relations services

Occupational Opportunities:
Athletic Director Athletic Conference Director
Ticket Sales Representative Sponsorship Sales Representative
Marketing Director Sports Information Director
Sports Agent (Athletes) Athlete Management Services (Business Advisor)
Athletic Conferences & Leagues Admin. College & University Athletic Associations Administration
Facility Management Event Management
Hospitality or Luxury Suite Director Fundraising for Alumni & Booster Organizations
Professional Sports Front Office Sport communication/Media/Public Relations
Sporting Goods Sales/Dealer Sports Merchandise/Apparel Sales
Sports Camp Director Agency Recreation Leader/Instructor
Health & Fitness Industry Fitness Center Ownership/Management
Owner/Manager of Local Sport Business Tourism director for sports council

Possible Employment Settings:
Professional Team Front Offices College & University Athletic Departments
Professional Leagues and Associations Athletic Conferences
NCAA United States Olympic Committee
Sport Marketing Firms Athlete Management Firms
Event Management Groups Sport Facilities (Arenas, Stadiums, Ballparks)
Sporting Goods Stores Fitness Centers
Sports Academies/Camps/Resorts Golf Courses
Sport Media Outlets

Helpful Internet Sites:
North American Society for Sport Management - This is a link to the North American Society for Sport Management homepage. The purpose of the NASSM is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management - both theoretical and applied aspects.
Online Sports Career Center - This is a link the the Career Center at It has sports related job listing and resume banks.

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Graduate School

Georgia Southern Sports Management Graduate Programs Georgia Southern Sport Management Graduate Program] - This is a link to the Graduate program at Georgia Southern University.


Advising: School of Human Ecology, Dr. Todd Hall, Georgia Southern University, P.O. Box 8077, Statesboro, GA 30460, (912) 478-2274, FAX: (912) 478-0386, Email: ude.nrehtuosaigroeg|llaht#ude.nrehtuosaigroeg|llaht.
The Faculty of Sport Management will evaluate applicants on each of the following:
A personal statement of purpose that includes a description of career goals over the next 5 years, reasons for interest in Graduate Program at Georgia Southern University, and relevant experiences and achievements.
The applicant's previous exposure to coursework that relates to the curriculum in the Master's in Sport Management program. Transcripts showing a Bachelor's degree completed in a college or university accredited by the proper regional accrediting association are required. If applicant holds additional degrees from accredited institutions, those transcripts should be submitted as well.
The applicant's overall academic performance.
The quality and length of related professional experiences. Applicants should submit a current resume. Sport industry experience and/ or volunteer experience in the sport industry is preferred, but not required.
Official GRE or GMAT scores less than 5 years old.
The Graduate Admissions Person or Committee will judge the merit of each item and make a recommendation based on the sum total of the application.
Program of Study
Students will complete the following:
36 Hours
SMGT 6131 - Management of Personnel in Sport (3)
SMGT 6132 - Current Trends in Sport Administration (3)
SMGT 6133 - Consumer Behavior in Sport (3)
SMGT 6134 - Sport Sponsorship (3)
SMGT 6135 - Revenue Generation in Sport (3)
SMGT 6330 - Social and Ethical Issues of Sport and Leisure (3)
SMGT 6335 - Sport Administration (3)
SMGT 6337 - Sport Facility and Event Management (3)
SMGT 7330 - Research and Analysis in Sport (3)
SMGT 7335 - Sport Law and Risk Management (3)
SMGT 7337 - Sport Marketing (3)
SMGT 7339 - Financial and Strategic Management in Sport (3)

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Writing Beyond College

The writing that you will complete beyond college will consist of some of the same topics that you encountered in high school. However, there will be more of them at a higher frequency. With this being said, the writing in college is very crucial to your career after you graduate and make a career in Sport Management. Not only will you be writing research papers, response papers, case studies, marketing profiles, etc., you will also be giving presentation on these subjects. As we all have gathered through the multiple classes we have taken, the easier it is to write the presentations…..the easier it is to actually present them. You may think that this will not help you in the future…..and I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU ARE DRASTICALLY MISTAKEN. Take everything that you learn from your professors and starts applying it to your everyday life so that when you graduate you will be prepared for the real world. It is out there and it will not back down.

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