Roujauna Hylton

Initially, I chose Georgia Southern because it is a great starting college. Its admissions office really hooks you in by keeping you updated with what is going on at campus before you even get here. In relation to my major, Georgia Southern’s pre-med track gets you prepared for Medical school, it is overall a good school, and it is not as expensive as some of the other schools at Georgia Southern. On the pre-med track offered at Georgia Southern, you get your math classes done in your freshman year and if you choose to take other math classes that can roll over to sophomore year. From freshman year, you are taking two science classes, the labs for those science classes, a math class, as well as other classes. One would think that is overkill. It can put a lot of pressure on a freshman and hurt their starting GPA. In reality, it gives you a mini preview to the work load you will have for a couple years. The biggest lesson learned through that system of things is if this is really for you and are you prepared to go through with it.
In comparison to Kennesaw, there are more biology majors here than at Kennesaw state. Therefore, it is easier to make connections with those within the biology field. A downside to going to Georgia southern versus other colleges is that it is obvious Georgia southern focuses mainly on the environmental and animal aspects of biology. They look more from research biologist than doctors. If you were to go to another school you may get more of a healthcare feel to the biology’s. At Kennesaw state university, they offer more doctor related/health care upper level biology electives such as human physiology, medical microbiology, medical genetics, and drugs and biologics. For students interested in coming to Georgia Southern for a degree in Pre Medicine Biology I would say Georgia Southern is a good start but other colleges may hit the human biology specifically. Georgia Southern’s biology is divided into ecology and evolution, organismal, and suborganismal. Out of the three groups, the ecology and evolution group has the most classes offered. If you plan to be a research biologist and deal with the environment or other animals, Georgia Southern is right for you.Roujauna Hylton

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