Nathan M

While choosing a school that had an excellent program for exercise science there was many factors that effected my decision. The first consideration was the schools location to my house. I wanted to be close enough to home to make an easy commute back home on the weekends. Also I wanted to go to a school that was large in size but not somewhere I would get lost in. That’s the reason I choose Georgia Southern. Some of the schools I was planning on attending did not offer my major and when I was accepted to Georgia Southern I was sure I wanted to go here. The department of kinesiology and exercise science is one of the top ones in the state along side with Kennesaw state university and the university of Georgia. Out of all the schools in the state it has the highest number of students to complete the program. Georgia Southern also provides you to go beyond a bachelor degree on to a doctoral – research degree. This can boost your demand after college, which is helpful.

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