The history of marketing
Marketing is a fairly new major, evolving around the time of the 1950’s to 1960’s; it is a very popular major that has a lot of job opportunities. In earlier times marketing started in in schools because teachers were pushed to teach marketing skills due to the high amount of jobs that had to do with selling and buying goods. It began in the work place as an inward looking organization, with much of the focus on what would be produced. Now it is more of an outward looking organization, focusing more on the markets and what consumers want to buy. Marketing studies the change in demand due to pricing, gender, race and age and is developing the ability to understand consumers and their wants and needs.
Georgia Southern was started in 1906. In 1968, the college received the approval to separate schools of science, art, education and business. . The College of Business has accreditation through the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International.
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Education Summary
Education for marketing can vary depending on what job you want. Higher income jobs may require more schooling from colleges and experiences from internships. Programs like Georgia southern focus on teaching students “the basic concepts, techniques, and tools for developing marketing strategies and marketing programs”. While the Georgia Southern program focuses more on those skills each college has different things that they find important to teach.
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Georgia Southerns major page

Jobs and Careers

Marketing is a major that has many career options. There even different fields like Advertising & Public Relations ,Market Research ,Product Management ,Retailing and Non-Profit . Advertising & public relations can be for fortune 500 companies that do business all around the world. In fields like marketing research the job will require you to do research on the demand of a product in different areas. Product management jobs “are responsible for the marketing and development of products”. Retailing and nonprofit jobs deal with people the most but nonprofit is usually for charities and retailing can be from clothes all the way to cars.
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Jobs and Careers
Grad school
Grad school programs may have different marketing specializations like New York University luxury marketing so there assignment might focus more on items for richer clients. The University of Southern California focuses on getting students ready for international jobs. Choosing a grad school just depends on what job you’re trying to get. Since certain schools can have better programs than others its best to focuses on a school that has a good reputation in your field.
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Writing assignments

Writing assignments in the marketing major depend on what college you go to at Georgia southern you have to internship to get into graduate school and at the end of the internship and have to write a paper, or do a project, or presentation on your knowledge of an area in the major.Most writing assignments will be research papers, presentations, and projects. Depending on what school you go to they will focus on different types of assignments. At a Georgia Sothern’s undergrad business class a writing assignment might be to look up the cost of living in certain cities and compare them to other cities in different countries. While at a New York University undergrad business class may do a project that focuses on the stock market. In school there is an official writing style for business called business formal.
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Writing in the discipline

The type of writing you do in your discipline depends on the type of job you want to have, some jobs have you write emails or blogs. If you’re a manager you might have to write a business letter which is very formal. Business writing has changed from just long formal letters to brief emails and blogs. The popularity of social networks means you could have job writing advertising on Facebook or Twitter. Companies also write memos to their employees stating the company’s goals and how they plan to reach them.

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