Lyndsey Downing

Although Georgia Southern University has a respectable biology program, I am considering transferring to the University of Georgia. I believe that I will be more employable if I transfer to the University of Georgia, since it has a better reputation than Georgia Southern. The University of Georgia also has a higher percentage of students graduating into the workforce with a biology degree and attending medical school than Georgia Southern does. As far as English is concerned, all of my English classes that I have taken so far will transfer to the University of Georgia. The chemistry classes I have taken so far have different course numbers, so I am not sure what the difference is between the courses because neither university has a description of the courses. The biology courses I have taken and will take at Georgia Southern are compatible with those at University of Georgia. There are a few of the elective classes that transfer to the University of Georgia from Georgia Southern, and some that do not. I have also considered transferring to Clemson University. They have one of the best, if not the best, biology programs in the state of South Carolina. The only slight problem with transferring to Clemson University from Georgia Southern is that Clemson University is out of state. Therefore, there is a greater chance that the classes will not transfer that I have and will take at Georgia Southern. However, the majority of the core classes transfer to Clemson University, such as English and History. However, the chemistry and biology courses have different course names, so I am again not sure if the credits will transfer due to the fact that Clemson does not have a course description online either. I believe that transferring to either the University of Georgia or Clemson University is the best choice for me career wise.

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