Kurt Osgood

Kurt OsgoodGeorgia Southern University is a great school, but it is not the best school for me. Unlike other schools in the state of Georgia, Georgia Southern doesn’t have a pre law program. Georgia Southern is the only school I applied to in the state of Georgia. This is because of multiple reasons. The first reason is I don’t like the cold, but I still wanted to go to a good school. The second reason is the cost of Georgia southern is significantly less than other schools in Georgia. The last reason is that I am terrified of Atlanta. Georgia State is actually one of the best law programs in the county and is an affordable price, but I’m too scared to live in Atlanta. Even though Georgia Southern doesn’t have a pre law program we do have a very respectable political science department. I will not be able to obtain my Graduate degree from Georgia Southern but I will get my undergraduate degree than switch schools to a certified law school.

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