Kenny Olowoyo

Georgia Southern University was not my first choice for school. I initially wanted to go to Savannah College of Art and Design, but my dad didn’t want me to. His reasoning was “why do you want to limit yourself with art”, he was secretly hoping I would change my mind about my major. He picked Georgia Southern instead for my twin sister and I. Both my older brother and Sister graduated from Southern so I being an international student thought it was a good school, I didn't know better. I started out at Southern as a Graphic design major because my dad pressured me into it, he knew I liked to draw but he wanted a major that would push me into a "lucrative" business. I changed my Major to Drawing and Painting and picked up a minor in fashion during my second semester here at Southern, by the following semester I was a double major in Art and Fashion and a minor in Art History.
Kenny Olowoy

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