Kayla Tricarico

Kayla Tricarico
Composition II
February 8, 2013

Southern Stated
I chose Georgia Southern initially because I fell in love with its beautiful campus, friendly appeal, and various majors and academics. When I applied to GSU I had planned to stay here all four years of my college career. As my first semester passed, I began to reconsider my decision. I am still head over heels for this school, but I have realized as family-oriented as I am; its just too far away from home for me. I had never considered The University of Georgia due to the fact that my sister, who is only a year ahead of me in school, attends there. As I further contemplated my decision of transferring and the options in front of me, it was easy to see that UGA was going to be my best fit. Their business program looks excellent on a transcript and resume, as well as having the namesake of a very well- known institution. Although I will miss GSU terribly, transferring will be the best for my degree and my future career.


College is a tricky thing, but it comes with many options. You have lots of choices in regards to what classes you want to take, the major you want to study, and how long you want to be enrolled in school. When applying to college, you must consider the three most important things: your choice of major, distance, and price. Your major may not be offered at all institutions you may be interested in, so doing some background research to find out is imperative. Once you find a school that has your major, and you are interested in, then you must consider distance. If you go too far away from home and you are very close with your family, it may be difficult for you. Pick a school that is a comfortable distance away, and if you choose, one that is easy to leave to go home for a quick weekend break. Once you have narrowed down your choices, then you must consider pricing. Is a certain institution worth more to obtain what it has to offer? If so, then do you have the loans and financial aid to be able to afford it? This will help you in choosing a college to stay at and graduate, or attend for a period of time in hopes of transferring somewhere else. I believe the ultimate decision lies in regards to your major, where it is offered, and where is the best place to study it. With this in consideration, many people attend a school to finish their core classes, then plan to transfer to another institution to finish their major classes. This depends on your choice of major though, due to the fact that some schools specialize in some subjects and not others. Whether you choose to go, stay, or transfer, every step will be one closer to the career you desire.

Kayla Tricarico

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