Kat Brown

Compared to the University of Georgia’s psychology department, Georgia Southern’s psychology requirements are a little more relaxed. But GSU does offer one to choose from many disciplines within the department, be it a biological or cognitive psychology, where UGA has a requirement of at least 3 hours of biological and 3 hours of social psychology. Both are debatably better than one another. I think that GSU’s method is better; I do not want to focus on developing medicine or analyzing a persons mind through a screen, rather I want to see the social and behavioral outcomes of said medicine and observations. Plus the UGA plan seems a little bit to complex for me. But I guess that makes sense when you think about how long UGA has been open and how popular the college is.

I want to graduate from GSU with a bachelor in psychology, however. I want, and this sounds cheesy I know, but I really want to help grow the GSU undergraduate psych department. Not only that, but the option to choose my own discipline very appealing to me. I feel that, if I don’t absolutely need the class or information, I can live without it. On that same line of thought, if I have the option to pursue a passion, I really want to take it and learn as much as I can in my field. Finally, I want to be able to have at least 30 elective credit hours to have fun in, because that is how you get a larger sense of the world and what is in it. I don’t want to transfer out because, at face value, every other major university in Georgia isn’t as open and puts its students through more fluff classes just to get more money. I mean, all schools do that, but UGA seems to have more than others I have looked out.

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