If you are an aspiring civil engineer in the state of Georgia then Georgia Southern University is the place for you. Georgia Southern’s engineering program is number one in the state. The major specific classes are relatively small unlike most large schools and they are taught by professionals in the field instead of inexperience grad students. The curriculum actually teaches students in the field, preparing them for their careers and making them stand out among other job applicants once they graduate. Plus the results of both national and regional competitions show just how well we match up to larger and more glorified schools.

Civil engineering is not a practice that can be taught sitting down in a class room. That is why the major specific civil engineering courses are taught through field work. This helps students to develop problem solving skills that they will need in their careers. They have built model bridges and towers to be submitted to large firms. They have created and tested new asphalt mixtures. They have helped to survey the efficiency of laser based instruments. Our students have even helped real companies to design functioning water treatment facilities and roadways.

Our engineering program is technically tied for the spot of number on in the state of Georgia. Georgia Southern has a partnership with Georgia Tech. This partnership allows Georgia Southern students to take Georgia Tech classes and graduate with a degree that is exactly the same as that of Tech graduates. This can be done by transferring to the latter with all of your credits or staying here at Southern and completing these courses with our professors. Plus staying at Southern can be done for less money than it would take to actually attend Tech. Either way employers will see a Georgia Tech degree in your resume and jump at the chance to make you a part of their business.

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