Joe Byrd

Georgia Southern is one of the fastest growing schools in the country and it is growing faster than any other school in the state. Though I plan on graduating from Georgia Southern, the decision should be made based on ones’ major. The University of Georgia is ranked in the top ten public relations schools in the country. The reason has more to do with the name than the actual classes and quality of professors. The degree requirements a very similar at both universities, so if you are planning on going into public relations, it really depends on what you can afford. The average cost for a student receiving no financial aid at Georgia Southern is about 15,650 dollars. While the average cost for a student attending the University of Georgia is 21,250 dollars. Some similarities in curriculum between these schools are mass communication law, public speaking, principles of marketing, and principles of advertising. So, at either school, you will be taking the same classes for the most part and mastering the same skill sets. I believe that attending Georgia Southern until graduation is a smart idea. I believe this because of the fact that Georgia Southern is fastest growing school in the state and will, in the next decade I believe, have a high level of name prestige just as the University of Georgia has currently. Another reason to choose Georgia Southern is as I stated earlier, the cost difference. If someone can receive the same degree at the same level of training at lower price it is a better buy. In short, Georgia Southern University is the better choice, especially if you want to come out of college with less debt.

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