Jobs in Exercise Science

Exercise Science majors study the science of human movement. In the major, they also learn how to help people live healthier lives through exercise, rehabilitation, and nutrition. However everyone knows that jobs are hard to find right after graduating from college. But in Exercise Science, there are a lot of options for jobs that you can get after graduating with a degree in Exercise Science. Depending on what area you want to get into, there are lots of options of jobs that you could have. This is a page that can help you find out what jobs are out there, and are in high demand for Exercise Science.

Jobs with Exercise Science Degree
Adapted Physical Activity
Aquatics Director
Athletic Administration in School or College
Athletic Trainer
Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist
Chiropractic Physician
Coaching at School or College
Director of Youth Camps/ Sport Programs
Exercise Physiologist
Medical Doctor
Occupational Therapist
Personal Trainer
Physical Education Teacher at School or College
Physical Therapist
Physician’s Assistant
Professor of Kinesiology, Physical Education
Recreational Therapist
Registered Nurse
Respiration Therapist
Sport Management
Sport Psychologist for Performance Enhancement
Sports Information Director
Sports Journalist
Sports Marketing
Sports Officiating
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jobs in High Demand for Exercise Science

Medical Doctor-Must get a bachelor's degree, and graduate from medical school. Average Salary:120,000

Occupational Therapist-Must have at least a Master's degree in Exercise Science. Average Salary:72,300

Physical Education Teacher at School or College-Must have a Master's degree in Exercise Science for either elementary, middle, high, and college levels.
Average Salary: For high school:38,000; For college 48,000.

Physical Therapist- Must have at least a Master's degree in Exercise Science and then attend PT school. Average Salary:79,000

Registered Nurse: Must have at least a bachelors degree and then go to nursing school which is what most people do. Average Salary: 66,000

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