James H Collins II

My name is Jame Collins. I am currently a Mechanical Engineering major at Georgia Southern University. I chose Southern for many reasons. First, I know many people from my hometown of Lincolnton, Georgia, that attended and graduated from Georgia Southern and they have nothing but good to say about the school. It is the fastest growing school in the state of Georgia really. Dispite the reputation of being a "party school" Georgia Southern was recomended to me by many for their Engineering program. This is another reason I chose this college. The general consensis of these recommendations was that I would learn more in the Mechanical Engineering program at Southern than other more expensive schools. Georgia Southern was not the only school I was looking at for their Engineering program however. I also considered my dream school of the University of Alabama and the presigious school of Clemson with their great Engineering program there also, and I also considered Georgia Tech. The biggest deciding factor was the cost. All of my other college choices were far too expensive for me to get into right out of high school. I graduated with a great GPA but my test scores were not enough to get me enough finacial aid to pay for Georgia Tech or any out of state college. So the choice was Georgia Southern, and it was a great choice for me because I love it here. I plan to finish out my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering here at Georgia Southern University.

James H. Collins II

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