IV Dennard

For me Georgia Southern was somewhat of me settling for what I could get into after High School. Now I do love being here at Southern where we have all of the sports teams like many of the Division I schools and also the feel of being at a large university but the University of Georgia is where my heart has been my whole life. My dad went to school at UGA where I have been going to football games, every season for my entire life. I guess you could say I sort of, in an indirect way, partially grew up in Athens. I have wanted to go to UGA since I was in elementary school, but did not put fourth enough effort in High School to get in. That is why I came here since it was the next closest thing instate that I could get into. All core curriculums for Georgia Southern, UGA, and Georgia Gwinnett College are very similar. UGA and Georgia Southern both have areas A-E in their class areas varying very little depending on the area. Gwinnett on the other hand has an area F being Pre-Requests which GSU and UGA left out, I’m assuming because it pertains to a major. With a degree from the University of Georgia compared to Georgia Southern, it looks more prestigious. Now this does depend on the degree you get from either school, a Degree in nursing from Southern would look much better than one from UGA because Southern has one of the best nursing schools in the state. For me this does not matter, I’m not quite sure what I will end up majoring in, but I do know that it will not be something that Georgia Southern specializes in. For students that plan to major in something that UGA has a better school, it would be in their best interest for them to go there. If its something like nursing, they should stay here at Southern; it depends on the students situation. This is the case for me, I am not sure at all what it will be, but my future major I know for a fact that it will not be something that Georgia Southern is known for.

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