Elizabeth W.


When comparing University of Georgia to Georgia Southern University I found that the programs are different from the start. I am currently pre-business so I looked up the requirements for Georgia’s pre-business program and compared them to Georgia Southern’s. Georgia requires pre-business students to complete the following courses ACCT 2101: Principles of Accounting I, ACCT 2102: Principles of Accounting II*, ECON 2105: Principles of Macroeconomics, ECON 2106: Principles of Microeconomics, LEGL 2700: Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business, and MIST 2090: Introduction to Information Systems in Business. The requirements of Georgia Southern’s pre-business program are to complete 45 semester hours, to hold a Georgia Southern GPA of 2.5 or higher, and to earn a “C” or better in ACCT: 2101 which pre requirements are to earn a “C” or better in all Area A Core courses and in BUSA 1105: Intro to Business, CISM 2530: Advanced Business Applications, and MATH 1232: Survey of Calculus. No matter what the course schedule Georgia Southern is the better choice of school for me because of the smaller feel of the University as compared to University of Georgia.

A Project: Marketing vs. Management

Elizabeth Willimon

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