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In early Childhood educations history many ideas, theories, and hopes were born and seem to come in and out through the years or some even stay. Because of the history of education today it is based on philosophical foundations from the past.“Old ideas and practices seldom get recycled exactly in their previous form.”importance of the past It was not until the 1960‘s that children started school before they were required. The head start program came out to teach children a little bit and get them adjusted before kindergarten. “Although it was very effective, the title gave parents the impression that education was a race, and that the earlier you start, the earlier and better you finish.” Communityplaythings Kindergarten use to only be required by 40 states as a half day but not kindergarten has transformed into a full school day and is required for all children to start the basis of their education.The foundation of the learning process a child is going through today was developed by famous educators from the past. One major historic influence in early childhood education was Martin Luther. “Great emphasis was placed on formal schooling to teach children how to read, the impetus for which is generally attributed to Martin Luther (1483-1546) and the reformation he spurred.”Historic Influences Luther put much emphasis on reading and inquired the bible into. Now days that would have to be done in a christian school not just any school. John Amos also played an important role in the history of early childhood education by writing textbooks.
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The Program of Study PDF link for the University of Georgia Southern is here: Program Study

The link to the the Georgia Southern Academic Advisers
Georgia Southern offers there Academic Advisers through the office of the Student Success Center
Located in the Education building on the first floor. The website to the Student Success Center can be found here: Success Center

The College of Education Major page can be found here: Home page

The College of Education requires each student to complete the core curriculum. Area A-E are the same for most majors at Georgia Southern. The only requirement that has been a noticeable difference is that the college of education requires there to be a C or above grade in each course in order for the student to move on to apply in the college of education. When applying the student will apply at the end of their sophomore year and therefore will take the appropriate classes. When graduating the early childhood teacher will have taken 135 hours. Georgia southern requires a lot from their teachers and therefore require many hours be put in to the program.
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Writing and Research in the Discipline

Early Childhood Education majors face unique tasks when it comes to writing assignments. The assignments require little to no formal outline. Some of the writing assignments in my major classes will not only be for a grade but also for an acceptance to the next level of my major. The curriculum of what you will be teaching will be included in these writings along with what kind of materials you think you will be needing, literature of children, and also about your first hand experience while student teaching. While student teaching you will encounter many different situations and it is good to write these down and how you reacted so that you may see how well you did or how you should change your reaction the next time that situation occurs. I think what people do not understand is that the writing and curriculum of early childhood education majors very different form the other majors on campus. Writing these papers is some of the most important thing you will complete in your major courses. Early childhood teachers must also construct their own worksheets and skills tests to have the appropriate understanding of rather or not the children in their classroom are understand the material or not. With that said there are still major papers that the early childhood education major will complete. Some of the colleges are requiring their students to think outside the box when it comes to writing. In a writing assignment that I came across on Auburn University website, I saw that this one professor in particular is requiring his students to assess and report what is going on in the classroom. He has asked his students to create a paper with information that they have been able to gather inside the classroom, analyze it and then comment on it for needs of improvement and so on. While the early childhood education major may not be writing the same twenty page paper that the public relations major is writing, they are still completing assignments that will help create them into the best teacher they can be. Another Writing assignment I found is one that wants the student/writer to reflect on all he or she has done and write about it. This is not suppose to be a journal entry. It can be from a specific course you took and the works of it or all of your works from core courses your freshmen year and up. It ask you to identify answers like what the standards are for a certain course and what those standards mean to you. Also, for what reason did you select this specific class? Lastly, the most important part it seems is it would like you to compare your thoughts from before and after the course about early childhood education. After thinking the writer should compare the thoughts and see all that has changed. While writing in the major of early childhood education can seem bizarre to some students it is just a different way in looking at what the students will need and that will depict how little or much writing each teacher will complete.
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Non- Traditional Research and Writing in the Discipline


This first blog is written by a kindergarten teacher who shares her joys and love for the kindergarten classroom. The teacher expresses knowledge in understanding how to teach certain lessons to students as well as understanding the ups and downs of being a kindergarten teacher on a day to day basis. Her blog has comments from other kindergarten teachers who share similar stories and ideas on how to better themselves as teachers as well as to how to get through those awful school days when the children just will not corporate.
Donna, Peace, Love and Learning, Blogspot.com,blog

In this next blog I found was a little different than the first. This blog contained almost exclusively material on reading with the kindergarten classroom. This blogger went ahead and put links to the books that she was reading in the classroom. The blogger also did something very different with her blog by adding a tab that was connected to her own classroom so that her readers could view how her classroom was run on her lesson plans.
Mrs.C, Little Miss Kindergarten, Blogspot.com, blog

With my next research I found a website designated to the SMART board that most teachers are now familiar in their classroom. This wikispace was created to put links to different activates that early childhood teachers would Use when they are using the SMART board. This wiki allows for other teachers to put in some different ideas that they have used with their own SMART board as well as offer tips to teachers struggling to use the SMART board.
Julie Gathright, SMART board for Teachers, wikispace, blog

The last thing that I found in the nontraditional resources was the pintrest account of an early childhood teacher. On her account she posted links to different blogs and arts and crafts that would be useful to the teacher. Although the pintrest account has no writing on it there is many useful sites that are all connected through this one pintrest page that keeps everything together and organized for any early childhood teacher to look at.
Sheree Murray, Useful Resources for Early Childhood, Pintrest, pintest page
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THis is a blog that future education student, Suzie Hall created. In the blog there is discussion of what it is that an early childhood teacher will do when in the classroom and what it is that I will use writing wise while in the classroom for a day to day basis.
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One List serve that you can add your name to as a teacher and receive updates about different teaching resources and new ideas on styles to teach certain subjects. listserv

This list serve is a more general one that is for anyone who is interested in early childhood eduction and care listerv
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Publican Manuals and Style Guides

The style guide for writing in education is APA. Most writing in the field of eduction is done on a different basis than one would think. When research is done it is conducted through the style of APA. The link to the APA website is here Webiste
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Jobs and Careers

Most graduates of the college of education will go on to teach. There are many different types of teachers. Depending on what you want to do one could teach in a private or public school. Work as a tutor for children who need extra help outside of the classroom. Depending on what classroom setting one is good at you could potentially work in a prison or hospital, some teachers even go on to work as home school teachers education actors on the road.
The salary of a teacher is: Here This Salary is for the average public school teacher in Savannah.
The employment trends for early childhood teachers have been pretty steady. There has new data out that by the year 2018 most teachers are going to hit retirement age and the new wave of graduate teachers will come and replace them. There will always be a need for teachers in the US and finding jobs may be difficult if you have your heart set on one particular classroom setting.
Some job links can be found here: Careers- Success and Career builder
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Graduate School

Georgia Southern does offer graduate program. There are pretty competitive and offer courses that are geared towards specific areas in your masters. Most teachers will gain their masters in either reading or math. The link to the College of Education at Georgia southern can be found on this page college of Education that is were the degree programs are. There you can look and decide what it is that you want to gain your masters in.
Other schools that have masters programs that are competitive are Georgia State and their link is here : Georgia State University
Kennesaw State University Graduate program can be found here: Kennesaw State University
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