Starting junior year of high school everyone from your parents to your counselor wants to know what you want to be when you grow up. Seriously though who really knows? The average college student will change their major at least twice after declaring so a sixteen year old really does not know what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Choosing a major is an important decision and it is one that should never be rushed into. Many of us are on the fence between two or three majors, and they are sometimes not remotely related. When I first arrived at Georgia Southern, Biology Pre-vet was the top major on my list. I was also considering a business management degree or a degree in music theory/production. Now I truly have no preference now towards the major I want and after seeing all of my friends already trying to change the major they declared, I feel I am still in good shape. Choosing a major that you are not sure about or not really even interested in sounds like an easy way out to get on your way to success, but I implore you to not be one of those people. Often enough people change their major junior year and they end having 15 credit hours that no longer count towards their major. I am still undeclared because I am not certain yet, and I want to make sure that I am going to need what I am paying for. You feel the pressure increased every year for you to declare a major. Try not to let this pressure get to you, because selecting a major is a decision that should never be rushed! The first year of college, you take courses outlined in the core curriculum, so selecting a major is not necessary. This first year will help you to see what you are comfortable in and what you truly like to do. After this first year, you can make a better decision.

Corey Fern

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