The world’s first business school, Ecole Spéciale de Commerce et d’Industrie, was founded in Paris in 1819 by a group of economic scholars and businessmen. The first school of business in the US began in 1881 at the University of Pennsylvania. Joseph Wharton, a prominent businessman and steelmaker donated $100,000 to launch the school. This school was called the Wharton School of Finance and Economy. The school struggled for many years with liberal arts faculty over the courses, budgets, and academic standards concerning the business school. The first graduate school of business in the United States was the Tuck School of Business, founded in 1900. Tuck is a part of Dartmouth College and it is also the first institution to offer advanced degrees in business. In 1908 the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration was established. The Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration offered the world’s first MBA program.
From schools then to schools now, the biggest difference in the teachings was that the students were not taught business ways and manners, they were essentially taught economic history. It was not until the mid 1920’s that economic history was expanded into other aspects of business history, and actual practical business thought was being professed in post-secondary academic institutions. The modernization and standardization of work exposed a need for workers and managers to have a more formal education in business concepts.
Georgia Southern was founded as a College in 1906 and a few years later in 1965, the College of Business Administration (COBA) was formed. COBA initially offered BBA degrees and then began offering masters degrees four years after the founding of the business school. Today the College of Business Administration offers 4 majors and also includes a possible 2 minors that students can choose from. COBA proudly recognizes its 16,000 alumni worldwide and is continually growing.

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At Georgia Southern

At the Georgia Southern University there are many different undergraduate programs that students are offered. Most programs offer these programs with specific interest in different areas of the major. The list of undergraduate programs and graduate programs at the Georgia Southern University is as followed:

Undergraduate Programs
• Accounting
• Construction management
• Economics
• Finance
• Information systems
• Logistics and Intermodal Transportation
• Management
• Marketing

Degree Plan
Information Systems
Logistics and Intermodal Transportation

Finding Your Advisor

Your academic advisor is listed on your WINGS account. To view your academic advisor through your WINGS account do the following:
1. Log into , then click the “WINGS” in the My Services box.
2. Click “Student Records”
3. Click “Registration”
4. Click “View Student Information and Assigned Advisor”
5. Choose term and click “Submit”
6. You should then see the name of your assigned advisor (also listed as your primary advisor)

Advisor Advises Students
Chris Lundy A-Coh
Jean Nessmith Coi-Gre
Lisa Sapp Gri-K
Leslie Shepherd L-O
Stephanie Williams P-Sor
Patricia Kelly Sp-Z
Rashonda Bostic BAA Accounting
Bonnie Williams Post-BACC and EIP
Undergraduate Catalog
College of Business Administration

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Types of Writing

Research and Writing in the Discipline

When majoring in the business field students should keep in mind that the type of writing that will be done differs largely from the type of writing assignments the students in other majors and careers will be doing. From info that has been read and researched most business writings will include understanding how to write memos to business executives and employees, how to write emails, writing reports to upper level management about what is going on in your department and also how to write important business letters to other companies, clients and customers.
It was made clear that many students in the major think that writing isn’t a key factor or something that they really pay much attention to. Many fail to realize that communicating is the business world is key. Communication between co-workers and upper level management is a way to make sure every business is ran successfully without problems. Students should keep in mind that there are different types of writing and there is always an appropriate time to use them. When writing in the business world one general rule that should be followed no matter what type of writing you use, and that is to keep state your message clearly and keep the writing as simple as possible. Business people are very busy and often don’t have time to read lengthy documents so when writing people should try to make it as straight to the point as possible without using too big of a vocabulary. There are also some basic rules that should be followed within each of the different types.
Emails are the most common forms of written communication in the business world. Emails are usually used to address and individual personally with important information. When using an email the person has to understand that this is the least formal way to communicate. This should only be used people are physically unable to talk with someone. The ability to write an effective email is very important way to represent not only yourself but your organization well. As stated earlier business people are overwhelmed with emails on a daily basis so writers should make their message stand out and keep them very brief. Writers should get to their point immediately and should give the recipient a clear indication of what is being talked about early on in the email. When writing a business memo people should follow the same rules that were used for writing a business email. The major difference between the two is that memos are to be used to send important information to a large group of people throughout a company or organization. Memos are more indirect and less formal than an email and can spread news and important information to large numbers of people at one time. Business letters function as a way of external communication in an organization or company. They are usually written from one company to another but can also serve as a platform for communication between a company and their customers and clients. Business letters are formal and usually longer in length than memos and emails. Just like the other two styles the message should be delivered clearly but in a more professional tone.
Communication and writing play a key role in the world of business. It is very important that students are well educated on the different styles of writing and know when to effectively use them. Writing in business may seem like it will never come into play but as you can see writing and the rules that go along with them will always be in use.

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Non-Traditional Research and Writing


Unfortunately, there are very few good sources for actual assignments for business majors. The reason for this is probably because teachers/ professors do not post their assignments onto universally accessible websites. For example, Georgia Southern uses Folio, a website that only allows you to see the assignments that you specifically are taking at this point in time.
However, if one searches enough, there are assignments to be found. Here are a few:

The first comes from an upper level economics course taking place this semester at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The course is entitled The Economics of Inequality and Discrimination, Economics 4626. The course requires two writing assignments that account for approximately twenty-three percent of the overall course grade. This particular prompt is that the student must use multiple techniques of writing to adequately complete the assignment. There are a lot of guidelines given while individual and unique arguments are
encouraged. The prompt is very in depth in explaining both the Business and English objectives that are expected in the student’s paper. Jeffrey S. Zax, First Term Paper Assignment, University of Colorado at Boulder
The second link here is specifically for marketing majors. However, all business majors must take a marketing class or two.
The third link is for a research paper also for a marketing class. There are several aspects that one has to include, and on top of that you must do a presentation along with it! Furthermore, you must work with a group on this, which can be challenging. In a real corporate environment, you will constantly have to work in groups to complete assignments, but writing a research paper in a group is rare.

Links to assignments:

University of Colorado Term Paper Assignment
University of New Mexico Business Administration Assignment
University of New Mexico Marketing Assignment
Clemson University Business 304 Syllabus
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Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review is one of the most prestigious network of blogs available on the web. It is edited Monday-Friday with links to blogs from renowned researchers and professors.
Atlanta Business Chronicle Blog
The Atlanta Business Chronicle Blog is a business blog with a distinctly Georgia spin. Almost all of it's posts either deal directly with Georgia companies or with things that affect Georgians.
University of Ohio Business Blog
The University of Ohio Business blog deals with more of a research point of view. It posts research guides to help with research in specific fields, such as healthcare or automobile manufacturing. Updates are less frequent than ABC or HBR.
All Things Workplace
All Things Workplace is a blog edited by Steve Roessler, an award winning author and speaker on management, research and career management. He posts about all things of and related to productivity and administrative matters within a business.
Chicago Business Blog
Chicago Business Blog is a blog edited by Joe Cahill for Crain's Chicago Business. While similar to the ABC for Chicago, it deals more with a national point of view on markets, the economy and the business sector in general.

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Academy of Management
The Academy of Management Listserv hosts a list of dozens of Listservs with very specific topics. The AOM is an organization of managers that strive to further understand and increase knowledge within and of the field.
Council for Advancement and Supplement of Education (CASE)
The CASE Listserv page is a list of very specific Listservs, much like AOM. CASE is an organization of educational institutions with a focus on the business field.
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is an individual Listserv with an emphasis on Business and Information Technology. The Listserv is written by and for business educators.

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Publication Manual and Style Guide

The Business field uses APA (American Psychological Association) formatting. The most recent version of the publication manual (6th edition) was published in 2009 and can be purchased here

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides a helpful overview of what APA is and how to write based on the guidelines:

The official website of the APA publication manual. Here you can learn more about each chapter of the manual and purchase it.

Modern Humanities Research Association Style Guide
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Jobs and Careers

Business Administration/ Management is one of the most broad degree fields that one can receive. There are any number of jobs in the education, government, private business, retail and financial sector one may work in. Here are a few:

Financial Representative
Employee Relations Specialist
Data Security Analyst
Marketing Manager
Supply Chain Analyst
Advertising Account Executive
Budget Manager

o Elizabeth Willimon
• Associate Marketing Manager- Interface
Reg #- 13-0038
Date Posted- 03/15/2013
Title- Associate Maketing Manger
City- LaGrange
State- GA
Work Hours- 8-5
Job Summary- Interface is searching for an Associate Marketing Manger in LaGrange. The Associate Marketing Manager will coordinate all regional tradeshows and manage the creation of all contract related E-Guides. They will coordinate marketing projects and event details which may include:
1. Development and ongoing reporting
2. Analysis and communication of merchandising
3. Collateral and carpet tile sample usage
4. Prioduct/color sales history and trends
5. Monitoring marketing budget expenditures
6. Coordinating contracts, requistions and other budget related needs and reports
7. Maintenance of project/event schedules, calenders and documentation.

o Michael Marotte
• Executive Healthcare Recruiter (Headhunter)
Req #- N/A
Date Posted- N/A
Title- Executive Healthcare Recruiter
City- Atlanta
State- GA
Work Hours- Self-Employed
Job Summary- The job of a headhunter in the healthcare field is to employ people at executive level positions in big companies such as Oracle and GlobalMed. The responsablities associated with a headhunter consist of reading of to these big companies and maintaing good relations with these companies so they use your services time after time. A headhunter needs good communication skills and must stay very organized.

Golden Sutton
· The TBR Group, LLC( Entry Level Sales)- The job will require you to meet with presidents and business owners with an attempt to try and close business deals with them

Job Requirements

Candidates should have a 4 year degree from an accredited university

Should be serious about a job in outside sales

Have a competitive background

No Sales experience is required


Base salary: starts at $30,000 and up

National average income (first year): $55,000-$60,000

Location: Atlanta, GA

· Entry level Sales Representatives- This position is designed to give post grads exposure in all areas of business development, sales, and marketing

Job Requirements- Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4 year university

Salary- $26,000-$35,000 with an annual bonus opportunity of up to $50,000

Location- Atlanta, GA

For more possible careers, visit:
What can I get with a degree in Business Administration from Mary L Hurst University
Business Administration Careers from North Carolina State University
What can I do with a degree in Business Administration from Sonoma College

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Graduate School

Considering Graduate School? Many advanced positions may require a higher degree. Before you decide to enroll in a school, make sure that it is a fully accredited with AACSB International- The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. If a school is not credited with AACSB, a potential employer may not acknowledge your degree!

At Georgia Southern

Graduate Programs in the College of Business Administration (COBA)
• Ph.D. in Logistics abd Supply Chain Management
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Accounting
• Master of Science in Applied Economics


Almost all schools with graduate programs, like Georgia Southern, offer a Masters In Business Administration also known as an MBA. US News and World Report has compiled a list of their rankings of the best schools to get specific MBA's from (i.e. economics, management, etc.)

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