Breyanna Morning

I plan to graduate from Georgia Southern University for a number of reasons. The ultimate is that this school offers my major and a pre-veterinary program. Although I plan to complete graduate school elsewhere, Georgia Southern is a great place to begin my journey. Besides this institution not being far from home in Atlanta, in-state tuition fees are always a plus. Unfortunately, my GPA from high school did not allow me to be eligible for the HOPE scholarship, however, improving myself as a student has been my main focus all year in order to receive the scholarship for Fall 2013. If anyone isn’t aware, it takes two semesters worth of the required GPA to receive HOPE for college.
A helpful tip I would give any upcoming student here, or at any other school rather, is to become involved! Being involved at your specific institution and surrounding community is only beneficial. Upon arrival, get familiar with the 300+ registered student organizations here on campus. Visit the meetings and chat with the executives about membership. If none interest you, feel free to gather your friends and start your own! The point is, there is no excuse for not being an active Eagle besides in the classroom. From experience, becoming a member of Future Veterinarians of America and the NAACP has taught me much about myself and more about what I want for my future. Also, the other students and faculty you meet will be life changing. You’ll learn that they want you to succeed and are willing to help in any way possible.

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