austin sims

Austin SimsWhy or Why Not Georgia Southern
Georgia Southern is a great school to attend as a planned transfer student. It has a small scale feel to it, so students will not have a problem adjusting from a high school environment. There are few classes that are large lecture style, and many of the others have around thirty students in a classroom. The classes will almost feel like a high school setting because of attendance policies and low risk of falling asleep without a teacher and everyone in the class noticing. It almost creates a sense of obligation to at least act like one is paying attention. So instead of going to a lecture hall and taking notes to regurgitate back onto a scantron form, students can be more interactive in the classroom, as opposed to most large universities. However, a few lecture classes will pop up on schedules, so students would be accustomed to that as well. I am a nuclear engineering major. Since Georgia Southern does not have classes past my core curriculum, I will have to transfer to another school once I am a junior. Therefore, Georgia Southern has a program set up to transfer me to Georgia Tech. once I complete my core curriculum, because it has a great engineering program. Instead of having to look around for a school I need to transfer to, Georgia Southern actually has a plan for me when they can no longer provide the classes I require. As far as following through with a major, it depends at Georgia Southern. A nursing degree would look great from this school because it has one of the top nursing programs in Georgia. However, a degree in something else could look better at the University of Georgia or Georgia Tech. only because of the schools status. Nevertheless, Georgia Southern is a good choice as far as completing core classes for a major.

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