Ashton Taylor

Ashton Taylor
Core curriculum at

Georgia Southern:
Essential skills (9 hours)
Global Engagement (4hours)
Humanities and Fine Arts (6 Hours)
Science, Mathematics, and Technology (11 Hours Total)
Social Science (12 Hours)

Essential skills (9 hours)
Institutional options (4-5 hours)
Humanities/ Fine Arts (6 hours)
Science, Mathematics and Technology (10-11 hours)
Social Sciences (12 hours)

Georgia Perimeter College:
Communication Skills (6 hours)
Quantitative Skills (3 hours)
Institutional Foundations (4-6 hours)
Humanities, Fine Arts and Foreign Languages (6 hours)
Science, Mathematics and Technology (9-11 hours)
Social Sciences (12 hours)

Although I am undeclared it has been interesting and beneficial to compare the requirements of similar schools in the State of Georgia. The schools I chose to compare were UGA, Georgia Perimeter College, and last but definitely not least Georgia Southern University. For the core curriculum at Georgia it has the highest minimum amount of hours you are required to graduate with compared to the other two schools I researched. Georgia Perimeter community college surprisingly has the most maximum hours you are required and it is only a community college. Considering my current collegiate status it would not make sense to take the extra classes to get a degree that is not considered as significant or held in as high regard as a degree from Georgia Southern. Although with that being said University of Georgia does tend to look better on a diploma. Georgia Southern is not a bad school to have a degree from but does not necessarily reflect the same prestige in regards to diplomas as UGA. There are few differences between the classes all three schools offer. All the schools core classes are so similar that I would not base my decision off of these classes but by my own personal choice. I decided on Georgia Southern because I liked the school and that is why I still plan to continue my degree here at Georgia Southern. After looking at the differences between the core classes, when I do choose a major if it would be a better fit for me to go to a different school is when I would consider transferring. As of right now though I feel as though I have positioned myself in the best possible location in order to get the best education for me.

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