Andrew Brasuk

The school that I am comparing Georgia Southern to is the school that I, if all goes as planned, will to transfer to in the fall of my junior year, the University of Washington in Seattle. At Georgia Southern, I need 120 hours to graduate; however at the University of Washington I will need 180. The University of Washington is on a quarterly schedule, unlike Southern, which has a semester schedule. This means that I would take three sets of classes a year (summer break is considered “summer quarter”). Generally, this means that I m taking two basic academic classes worth five credits, and then one other class between two to five credits. All told, a conservative estimate says that I would take 40 hours in a year at Washington, while I would only take 30 at Georgia Southern. The difference in classes also leads to a different variety in classes that you take. At Georgia Southern, your schedule is more rigid and more time is spent in class (five or six classes at Southern, only three at Washington), but you also take a harder course load for those three classes that you are taking.

I plan on transferring to the University of Washington because Washington is simply a better school than Georgia Southern is. Washington has four programs ranked in the Top 25 nationally in their school of business alone and is a top tier state university. Georgia Southern, while improving, does not have the nominal muster that Washington has. Furthermore, I really want to explore someplace new! I was born in Washington DC, but have basically lived my entire life in the state of Georgia. I have vacationed in the Pacific Northwest multiple times and absolutely love the vibe and the weather that it offers. It is not as though I need a "fresh start" in life, but I really just want to take the opportunity while I still have it to live where I want to.

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