Byron Gilliam

Originally I wanted to go to college for football and that was a huge factor when it came down to choosing college. Georgia Southern has one of the best football teams in Georgia but after coming to Georgia Southern football lost its position as my main priority. Before deciding to come to Georgia Southern, I had a football scholarship to a private school called Reinhardt where I was ready to go up until I realized I would rather take my chances to make it on the team at Southern. The tuition was expensive even with a scholarship and I had just graduated from a private high school which was similar and I desired something much different when it came leaving home and do things on my own. I also had a a bit of pressure from my Dad to go to Georgia Military college because he said it would keep me "structured" but going to a school where you must be in your room at 9 would have just made me rebellious I was and still am undecided when I chose what college i wanted to go to so not knowing what I wanted to do yet was a major factor in choosing to go to a university as well as my graduating GPA. In high school my grades were not horrible but they were not great either. I scored well enough on the SAT to be able to come to the summer program that Georgia Southern had last year and that was the semester that let me know I had made the right choice. I plan to declare my major this semester and see what else this school has to offer while enter each new semester.

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